Manipura - The Solar Plexus Chakra

The Solar Plexus Chakra, Manipura, sits just above the navel around the nerve center that covers this sensitive abdominal region.
The solar plexus is represented by both yellow and fire and governs our sense of power, confidence and self-worth.

Manipura drastically affects our relationship with others, because how we feel about ourselves can often be reflected in how we treat others.


When Manipura is balanced there is a sense of acceptance of the self, a sense of purpose and strength. A balanced Manipura allows you to know that you are worthy, capable and powerful in this world and allows you to be flexible and adaptive. Balanced Manipura allows people to be genuinely supportive of others, knowing that lifting up one another does not mean you will be below them, but rather that you will be lifted up in turn.


If Manipura is overactive there will be decrease in flexibility and a growing distaste for change or situations that challenge the personal world-view. It brings a sense of entitlement, but without having contributed anything positive to achieve the desired outcome.


If Manipura is underactive we see more of the “people pleasing” scenario where the worry over what other people think can lead you to compromise yourself to “keep the peace.” There is some sense of self-worth, but you may feel as though others are more important. There may be the aim to help and assist others, but in such a way that tends to compromise the self and may eventually wear down the ability to continue to assist.


A closed Manipura often brings out the “mask”, the alternate and perceived “ideal” self. This version is not the actual self and in fact the pursuit of this mask can be quite damaging. Closed Manipura can cause fear over how others will view the true self and worry that they will not be loved if the true self is shared. This can also be present in bullying scenarios where the bully feels powerless and will lash out or try to control others to try and grab power. People crave a certain level of power and control and when there is a lack of both it can prompt anger and irrationality, leading down paths to try and claim them, despite the negative things this can result in.

Cleanse and Balance

Everyone is connected and it is so important for people to help one another. To help keep Manipura balanced try to rid your life of toxic people who try to steal power from others. Be firm and do not manipulate others or use your power to coerce them. Be aware of your own power and don’t give it away to others. Be conscious of your choices and take responsibility for them. Please know that you are important, that you are deeply loved and that no wrong can come from showing genuine love and acceptance to others. You are part of this world, equally important to every other part of this world. It’s important to give and share, but not at the expense of yourself. Don’t hurt yourself to please others. We’re all in this together, we’re all powerful, brilliant flames of light and worthy of love.

Visualize a ball of yellow light and fire just above the navel. “I am strong and powerful. I am worthy of love and respect, which I give freely and accept freely.”