Muladhara - The Root Chakra

The Root Chakra, Muladhara, sits at the base of the spine where the torso connects to the legs. It is precisely what its name implies, a root. It connects us to the powerful, stabilizing earth energy. This is the chakra that engages when you “ground” your energy because it is the anchoring point.

Muladhara governs our sense of security in the physical world; material wealth, food/water security and physical safety. It is depicted by the color red, the outermost color of the rainbow.

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If Muladhara is balanced and open you will feel safe and secure. There will be a deep trust that the universe/spirit/God provides for all needs.


If Muladhara is overactive there may be a sense of entitlement and arrogance, a sense of “having it all”, but in a selfish and undeserving manner. These are the people who may be “rich in wealth, but poor in spirit” where they hoard money and resources, disregard those in need, avoid volunteering or using their wealth to enact positive change.


If Muladhara is underactive there may be general concerns over security, finances, etc. even if there is not an overt issue with this. You may believe that you have “enough” but constantly crave more.


If Muladhara is closed there is a very real concern over survival, whether this is truly applicable to the situation or not. If the root chakra is closed there could be an extreme level of emotional distress around basic survival. It may be difficult for people with a closed root to trust in the universe to provide for them. This fear breeds more fear, so it is imperative that it be negated so the process of opening can begin.

Cleanse and Balance

To help you feel as though you are provided for, try providing for others. This is not to say you give away needed resources, but if you volunteer your time, etc. you are instilling that same spiritual message in others and it can reflect back to you. The universe employs each and every one of us, so be mindful of this. If you project fear, others will feel it. The more you give without fear, the most the universe will provide so you can continue to aid others. Note that even taking a few minutes to speak to someone who needs you or offering a genuine smile to another person can be a way to help others. Take steps to improve your health, your environment and your community: shedding unnecessary clutter, donating to good causes, sharing food, volunteering your time/skills, etc. can all increase your sense of security and maintain the balance of your root chakra. Above all, do not be afraid to ask for assistance.


Visualize a ball of red light at the bottom of your spine “I have everything I require, all my needs are met, the universe/spirit/God provides for all.” Draw up the brilliant red light from the earth, forming roots between your physical and spirit body, connected to the vast energy of the planet.