Muladhara - The Root Chakra

The Root Chakra, Muladhara, sits at the base of the spine where the torso connects to the legs. It is precisely what its name implies, a root. It connects us to the powerful, stabilizing earth energy. This is the chakra that engages when you “ground” your energy because it is the anchoring point.

Muladhara governs our sense of security in the physical world; material wealth, food/water security and physical safety. It is depicted by the color red, the outermost color of the rainbow.

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If Svadhisthana is balanced you’ll feel comfortable and secure in sharing your passions and desires. You will feel compelled to pursue what you want and will experience the beauty and pleasure in the world. Those with a balanced Svadhisthana will be confident in their sexuality as an expression of joy, they will pursue what they love in a positive manner and they will understand that play is important for a balanced life.


If Svadhisthana is overactive there may be difficulties with relationships, increased conflict and issues with addiction or over-consumption. Since this chakra is closely linked with sexuality, overactivity in it can be characterized by objectification, detachment from partners and dissatisfaction. Sex may become something done to a person, rather than with a person.


If Svadhisthana is underactive it can affect how you relate to others. You might be more concerned with how others perceive you and have difficulty adapting to change. Additionally, because you may detach from those people and activities that brought you joy, it can negatively affect your self-esteem and self-worth.


Is Svadhisthana is closed there may be symptoms of depression and sexual dysfunctions. Detachment from enjoyable pursuits may develop, prompting cessation of positive sexual activities, artistic endeavors, exercise, socialization, etc. Be sure to consult with a medical professional in regards to these symptoms as well to address physical components. Sometimes  blockages within the chakras can manifest as physical symptoms so it’s important to also be aware of the emotional and spiritual impacts.

Cleanse and Balance

Passions and desires change as people grows, so there’s nothing to fear if you find yourself drawn to new things as old habits that no longer serve you are purged away. Devote yourself to what makes you happy, share it with others and help to foster it in the world. Showing joy draws people together and it becomes easy to build a community around it. There are many ways to be creative and to find what you are passionate about, if you haven’t found it yet, keep looking.

Visualize a ball of orange light just below your belly button. “I am a creative and expressive child of the universe. I am able to express myself in clear and positive ways.” Draw up the bright orange light from the earth and connect it all the way through your body and up into the sky, creating connections between Heaven and Earth.